rebeccabirtra2Mrs. Rebecca Bitrus 37 yrs old mother of seven children hails from Gwoza area of Borno state.

On the 18th of October 2014, her husband awoke with a heavy heart but went out to work as usual where he works as a mason. However, he returned home early as he still felt uneasy and was playing quietly with his youngest child. Rebecca had taken the baby away to change him when she heard a terrific bang.

Another child from their neighbor came in crying that his father had been shot. She rushed out to see but had to hide when she saw white Hilux vehicles with men well armed with guns. Before they could make a means of escape the Boko Haram members had engulfed their entire neighboured. Two of them went to her house where they found her husband. They asked him to deny his faith which he never consented to do. He was asked to lie down and they made his wife and the children watch as he was hacked to death with machetes.   Guns were pointed at them while all this happened.

She and other members of the community ran to the hills with the children where they hid for 3 months. All this time they struggled in the bush trying to stay alive with little help to sustain themselves.  During this time she lost one of her children due to the hardship experience.

Presently she is in Jos, Plateau State.  Her children constantly fall sick as a result of malnutrition. Although Rebecca has been given an accommodation temporarily, she is unable to provide basic needs for herself and the children.

These are just 6 of the government estimated 8.1 MILLON vulnerable children and/or unattended orphans due to the Fulani and Boko Haram attacks.The need is great. Help our efforts to alleviate these basic needs while they struggle to rebuild their lives.



$25 a month will provide support to a young widow and her two fatherless children.


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